Hosted Tours
Hosted Tours contains links to panoramic photographs I've taken for various reasons, clients, and customers.
Books I Like
This is a list of books I've liked updated when something crosses my mind. Not updated on a schedule. Mostly books for kids so far.

They are in the form of mini-reviews and point to the specific book at If you purchase that book through some tiny sum of the proceeds go to benefit Scene in Santa Fe. You may know that at individual's like yourself can review books and post comments, so feel free to read what other's have posted.
Subscribe Now, Read Later
This page will collect the various feeds from my site. If you don't know much about RSS/Atom/web site feeds (I am not an expert), I'll just sum it up as an efficient method to collect updates from web sites. Web sites can publish a tiny file that your computer reads, that file contains just the basic information about updates: new headlines and summaries.

There are many programs available to collect these tiny files that contain site updates. As you can imagine there are thousands and thousands of web sites. Obviously you don't want to browse them all, but there could be many that you find interesting.

Even if you have a broadband connection, going out to 10 web sites to load their home page/etc... can take a decent amount of time. With RSS feeds one program can collect 10 web sites update files and show you the results in less time than one web page loads!

Once you have a reader installed (on a modern operating system), when you click on a link like the one in the sidebar on this page, your reader will open and you will see that particular feed of update notices.

At some point I will describe and document this in more detail, but...until then, ask someone you know/trust about web site update feeds (RSS, Atom, using XML, etc...) or download a feed reader from* for some free, open source readers, or one of the many download sites, like that have free, shareware, and commercial demos to download.

You will save time by using web site update feed files. True, it's another program to use, but each one I've seen (under 5) is intuitive and easy to figure out.

This web site uses RSS 2.0.